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Garage Door Brush Seal Kits


Larry explains how Phenix has simplified life for OEM's and installers when it comes to garage door seals:

Our PA6 rated Fire retardant garage door brush seals prevent ember invasion, dust, drafts and pests from contaminating your garage.

The most common garage door types in Australia are Sectional a.k.a. Panelift or Roller Doors.

Most manufacturers offer simple sealing solutions for these doors. In most Roller Doors, there is usually an encapsulated rubber type seal fixed to the shutter panel in the Guide Channel. In addition to this, a simple PVC or Rubber type shoe in the horizontal plane at the bottom of the door is fitted.

In Sectional Doors only the bottom of the door is sealed with a similar profile to the Roller Door.   

In addition to these basic seals, most dwellings will have a strip drain in front of the door to divert excess water away from the door. This leaves two areas of potential vulnerability for ingress: the head / lintel section of a roller door and the vertical and head sections of a sectional door.

We would normally equate leakage / ingress for a garage door with air, water and dust. However the Victoria bushfires of 2008 vividly identified another area of vulnerability: live ember attack.

Successive changes to the BCA have resulted in regulations requiring perimeter seals to be fitted to garage doors (all types) for construction in Bush Fire prone areas to prevent ember attack. A rating system (BAL) was introduced. In summary, conditions are rated from moderate to severe and the onus is on the Garage Door Supplier/ Manufacturer to determine the rating or product required.

Bushfires have driven demand for Garage Door Seals and this demand has transferred over to non-bush fire prone areas as homeowners see the benefits of a well-sealed garage door.

Why take the risk in assessing a site?

Default automatically to Fire Rated (Hahl PA 6 FR Nylon) for peace of mind.

At Phenix we take that decision making process out of the equation.

We only manufacture and supply Fire Rated Hahl PA 6 material.

Hahl FR PA6 Nylon is the benchmark for Flame retardant brush seals. All other products are a poor imitation.

We sell Garage door seal packs as follows:

Part No  Description
SDK 1 Suitable for Double Sectional / Panelift Garage Doors
SDK2 Suitable for Single Sectional  / Panelift Garage Doors
RDK1 Suitable for Double Roller Garage Doors
RDK2 Suitable for Single Roller Garage Doors
RDKS Side seals for Roller Garage Doors



 Easily Identifiable Colour coded packs for OEM"S: