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Pile Seals

Extruded Pile Weatherseal – The next generation

The most significant development in decades for Pile Weatherseal has been the introduction of Extruded Pile.

Why extruded pile?

Have you ever experienced quality issues with your current woven pile product?

  • Off centre?
  • Backing too thick?
  • Slitting or backing width variations?

These are common problems. They occur in the manufacturing process and are only identified when you the fabricator try to insert them into your extrusions. Even the best quality systems cannot pick up all of these faults and ultimately this can lead to serious down time issues while you await replacement product.

The manufacturing processes developed in the production of Extruded Pile significantly reduce and virtually eliminate the faults commonly associated with Woven Pile products. Extruded Pile Seals are the benchmark for use in on line insertion machines particularly the push-through type models. Traditional woven pile seals do not work well or even at all with these types of machines.

Phenix Innovation offers a comprehensive range of Woven Pile and Extruded Pile Weatherseals commonly used in the Fenestration Industry. Manufactured from UV Stabilised, Silicone - treated, Polypropylene Yarns and Resins, our range of Pile seals are manufactured to internationally recognised Standards on 21st Century machines in state-of-the art Manufacturing facilities.

Some Pile Weatherseal Myths and FAQ's:

Q1. Pile Weatherseals are manufactured in increments of 0.25mm.

A. False. Technically, this is theoretically possible, but in reality? No, this is never actually done. It is a marketing gimmick intended to create barriers to entry for competitors. Manufacturer’s tolerances themselves are +/- 0.25mm! Some manufacturers substitute products with differences of up to 0.50mm!

Q2. My supplier claims that their Pile is "Heat set" to aide recovery after compression?

A. False. This is marketing speak. "Heat set" is a raw material feature to stop shrinkage in the coating / manufacturing process and has zero impact on recovery performance.

Q3. Why do we have the standards for Pile Seals of 6.7 for doors and 4.7 for Windows? Do we really need both?

A.  No. This dates back to the 1960’s when Pile Seals were first introduced. It was commonly believed that the greater surface area of a door would require a wider / thicker seal. This is not, in fact, true. We are in the 21st Century now.  Pile seals have improved markedly with advanced manufacturing processes, materials and profiles e.g. the Finned Pile. Astute designers can specify a single profile for either a Window or Door resulting in reduced inventory. We can help you to do this.

Q4. Are Finned or Non-Finned Pile Seals best?

A. Finned every time! Finned seals accrue the following benefits: 

  • Improved air, water and operating forces.
  • Quiet / Noiseless Fin standard
  • Performance Cost- with modern machinery, faster looms and coating and slitting lines the cost difference in the manufacture of Fin v Non Fin is negligible.

Q5. Are all Pile Seals UV stabilised?

A. No. UV Stabilisers are a definite must.  The harsh UV climatic conditions in Australia & New Zealand require UV Stabilised Pile Yarn. Black Pile yarn is the best and only option.  The Fins in Finned products also need to be Black UV stabilised. Grey Pile yarns and Clear fins are available but will not withstand the harsh Australian and NZ climates despite some manufacturer’s claims.

 Q6. Do all manufacturers comply with the industry standard density of 32 picks per inch?

A. No. Almost none. In order to save on manufacturing costs, almost all manufacturers cut corners and this includes the density of the pile. If you had to test the product available for sale, you would find that they would not meet the standards for ingress that would be commensurate with a seal that was manufactured to the standard of 32 picks per inch. Most densities would actually be 28 picks per inch and the performance of their products will reflect that. Phenix Innovation Pile seals outperform all other seals simply because our pile seals are manufactured to the standard of 32 picks per inch. Every. Single. Time.